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Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes

Oud Desire - Exclusive Perfume Blend

Oud Desire - Exclusive Perfume Blend

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Oud Desire

Oud Desire envelops you in lush golden fruit, opulent florals, and ancient oud wood. This fragrance opens with applebergamot, and pineapple, then unfolds into an intoxicating bouquet of rosejasmineosmanthus, and cedar. Smoky oud, sweet vanilla, and earthy patchouli create a rich, memorable baseOud Desire takes you on an olfactory journey through time that embodies the grandeur of past empires and the allure of modern luxury.

Features of Oud Desire:

  • Radiant Opening
    • Experience the freshness of paradise with the crisp shimmer of golden apple complemented by sun-kissed bergamot and a hint of tropical pineapple.
  • Opulent Heart
    • Dive into a floral realm with the luxurious blend of velvety roses, enchanting jasmine, and the unique sweetness of osmanthus, all set against the robust backdrop of cedarwood.
  • Majestic Base
    • Revel in the deep resonance of ancient oud, the warmth of golden amber, and the creamy allure of vanilla, all harmoniously intertwined with musk, patchouli, and tonka bean.

Olfactive familyWoody Oriental
Perfume Notes
Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot, Pineapple
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Oud, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Musk

Oud Desire Specifications:

  • Comes in an elegant black glass bottle with UV protection to extend shelf life
  • Packaged in an elegant box
  • Available in 3ml, 6ml, and 12ml sizes

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How to Use

How to Use Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes: Simple Steps

Step 1: Start by putting a little oil on warm spots: your wrists, behind your ears, your neck, and inside your elbows. These places help the scent spread.

Step 2: Don't rub it in. Just let it sit and mix with your natural warmth.

Step 3: Want a stronger scent? Add a bit to the back of your hands, your hair ends, or your beard.

Step 4: Be careful with clothes; our oils might leave a mark. If you want to scent your clothes, rub a tiny bit between your hands and lightly touch your fabric.

Step 5: As the day goes on, you can add more oil to keep the scent fresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

i loved it

Mustafa Abulhaija
Second Best Perfume I have ever tried (And I have tried hundreds)

This perfume is second only to my favorite of all time (Tom ford Lost Cherry). It is a rich deep and complex scent that grows and changes with time. In the first ten minutes you get hit with all of it at once. But as you let it marinate on your skin it feels like a flower that is blooming every note that is in the description slowly opens up and it becomes richer and even more complex. The perfumer Ibn Al Jebouri did a phenomenal job. Making a perfume such as this requires serious trial and error and I could not have been happier when this turned out the way I thought it would smell. My only mistake is that I didnt buy more of it. I have quite alot more of his stuff to get through before my next order. But until then. I could not recommend a perfume more highly especially at the low cost pricepoint. I tried it on before I showered and the scent is still quite strong off my wrist even after a shower. This is in my opinion a 9.9/10 scent.