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Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes

A Girl From Beirut Perfume Oil

A Girl From Beirut Perfume Oil

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A Girl from Beirut

A Girl from Beirut captures the essence of Beirut's vibrant spirit, blending the city's rich heritage with its modern vibrancy. This fragrance unfolds the story of Beirut, seen through the eyes of a woman who is as sophisticated and captivating as the city itself. With top notes of bergamot, black pepper, and bitter orange, it opens with a lively burst, reminiscent of Beirut's dynamic energy at dusk. The heart reveals a bouquet of rose, ylang-ylang, and spices, mirroring the city's hidden gardens and romantic architecture. The base notes of cedarwood, incense, honey, amber, and vanilla bring a deep, mystical warmth, evoking Beirut's inviting night air. Crafted for those who navigate life with grace, A Girl from Beirut is an invitation to experience the city's soul, a perfect blend of tradition, modernity and femininity.

Key Feature:

Bergamot and Black Pepper

  • This vibrant opening captures the spirited energy of Beirut, welcoming you with a fresh, spicy allure.

Rose and Ylang-Ylang

  • The heart blooms with a rich floral elegance, reflecting the timeless beauty of Beirut's gardens and architecture.

Cedarwood and Incense

  • These base notes bring a grounding, mystical depth, reminiscent of the ancient stories woven into the city's fabric.

Honey, Amber, and Vanilla

  • Warm and inviting, these notes envelop the senses, mirroring the warmth of Beirut's sunsets and night air.


  • Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Bitter Orange, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Spices, Cedarwood, Incense, Honey, Amber, Vanilla
  • Type: Pure Perfume Oil
  • Attributes: Alcohol-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Handcrafted, Paraben-Free, No Phthalate
  • Packaging: Elegantly encased in a UV-protected black bottle within a luxurious black box
  • Available Sizes: 3ml, 6ml, 12ml

Get A Girl from Beirut Today and Dive in The Essence of Beirut 

Dive into the essence of Beirut's captivating beauty and spirit with A Girl from Beirut. This fragrance is more than just a scent; it's a narrative of resilience, elegance, and complexity, celebrating the multifaceted identity of the city and its daughters. Embrace the journey through Beirut's vibrant streets and let the stories whispered by its winds become part of your own.

How to Use

How to Use Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes: Simple Steps

Step 1: Start by putting a little oil on warm spots: your wrists, behind your ears, your neck, and inside your elbows. These places help the scent spread.

Step 2: Don't rub it in. Just let it sit and mix with your natural warmth.

Step 3: Want a stronger scent? Add a bit to the back of your hands, your hair ends, or your beard.

Step 4: Be careful with clothes; our oils might leave a mark. If you want to scent your clothes, rub a tiny bit between your hands and lightly touch your fabric.

Step 5: As the day goes on, you can add more oil to keep the scent fresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
LaDale Smith

Omg, I’m so in love with this brand! The oils are Emaculant!

Vibes are: Rich Dark Rose

The smell is incredible. It lasts most the day. My kitty doesnt hate it, very relax and natural. I like that it smells expensive, dark and the rose shines through beautifully. Theres a girl on TT that describes it way better than me. Shes the reason I rushed over and bought it.


Beautiful smell! It will be a summer go to!