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Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes

Rouh Oud Al Ward

Rouh Oud Al Ward

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Rouh Oud Al Ward
Transport your senses through verdant rose gardens to uncover ancient secrets with Rouh Oud Al Ward perfume oil. Top notes of Turkish rose and greens burst open like a fresh dawn bouquet. Layers of Damask rose intertwine with rich vanilla and praline in a floral symphony. Mysterious oud woodiness emerges, like uncovering an ornate antique chest hidden among the roses, adding depth without overpowering. Hints of amber and cedar provide woody complexity. A touch of vanilla sugar leaves a creamy sweetness.

Rouh Oud Al Ward Features:

Lush Bouquet of Roses
Experience the dual charm of deep red roses and freshly bloomed ones, creating a melody of honeyed and green notes.

Ancient Oud Aroma
Discover the refined and polished scent of oud, adding depth and a touch of mystery.

Subtle Sweetness
Relish the gentle hint of vanilla sugar, adding a creamy, dessert-like quality without overpowering the fragrance's regal essence.

Journey of Scents
Embark on an olfactory journey from vibrant rose gardens to hidden woody alcoves with a sprinkle of sweet magic

Aromatic Notes: 
Top Notes:
Turkish Rose, Green Notes
Heart Notes: Damask Rose, Vanilla, Praline
Base Notes: Oud, Amber, Cedar

Rouh Oud Al Ward Specifications:

  • Perfume Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
  • Alcohol-Free: Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Application: Ideal for both skin and hair.
  • Long Lasting Scent

Don't Just Wear a Fragrance, Own a Masterpiece. Elevate Your Scent Game with Rouh Oud Al Ward. Limited Stock Available. Get Yours Today!

How to Use

How to Use Ibn Al Jebouri Perfumes: Simple Steps

Step 1: Start by putting a little oil on warm spots: your wrists, behind your ears, your neck, and inside your elbows. These places help the scent spread.

Step 2: Don't rub it in. Just let it sit and mix with your natural warmth.

Step 3: Want a stronger scent? Add a bit to the back of your hands, your hair ends, or your beard.

Step 4: Be careful with clothes; our oils might leave a mark. If you want to scent your clothes, rub a tiny bit between your hands and lightly touch your fabric.

Step 5: As the day goes on, you can add more oil to keep the scent fresh.

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Customer Reviews

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Rouge Oud Al Ward review

This is one of my most favorite perfume oils that I ordered. It’s dark, dense with much of wooziness, a bit of spiciness and slight sweet nuance I guess from vanilla or Tonka note. To Anyone who is a novice for oud, it’s definitely worth trying. The black bottle looks luxurious and practical with its UV ban function but personally, I prefer seeing a juice inside of the bottle.